LGA-12: Quiz 3 Prep

Quiz 2 will be Tuesday, 10/9, and will cover Python regular expressions and parsing.

You should definitely expect these two problems on the quiz:

  1. A problem where you are given a regular expression and are asked to draw a finite state graph.
  2. A problem where you are given a grammar (very similar to the one shown in class) and a sequence of tokens and are asked to create a shift-reduce parse table.

To help yourself and your learning group prepare for the upcoming quiz, prepare a study quiz for your group. Make the quiz like it’s the one I’m going to give to you: it should be a reasonable potential quiz for you to get in class.

Come with printed copies of your quiz for each member of your group, along with one printed answer key. If you are particularly proud of your quiz, you can bring a couple of extras for people from other learning groups to try out.


This assignment is not to be split between your group. Everyone should make their own quiz.