LGA-01: Expressive Power

When speaking of programming languages, often times languages are regarded for their expressivity or expressive power (or lack thereof).

  1. Read Can Your Programming Language Do This?, then create a short snippet of example code which might be more maintainable, readable, or abstractable in one programming language than another. You should write two examples: one for each language, each example should preform equivalent functionality. Be prepared to share your examples with your group when you get to class (this means, either print your code, or bring it on a laptop, etc.)
  2. Research the term expressivity (with respect to programming languages) [1]. Create your own definition for the term. How is conciseness different from expressiveness? In what ways are they similar? Be prepared to share with your group.

There will be no learning group quiz for this activity. Our first quiz will be later on.

[1]A word of warning: the Wikipedia article on this subject is pretty bad. You might find better luck with informal blog posts, etc.