LGA-14: Choice Activity

We’re starting Python next class! Since I know many of you already have basic Python skills (either through CSCI-101, CSCI-250, or many other courses that allow you to use it), we’ll be going a little bit faster to start out, that way we can cover more concepts and pay less attention to minuscule syntax details.

So for this activity, you can choose from one of two activities:

  1. If you’ve never seen Python before, or would like a refresher on the basics, head on over to the CSCI-101 Python Course, work thru the slides, and show me your learning by completing at least 5 of the labs from a variety of weeks (complete more as needed).
  2. If you’re already pretty comfortable with Python, then work through this tutorial which covers using the lambda calculus and church numerals in the Snap! programming language (a block-based programming language typically used in education). You should complete at least 5 of the 13 exercises, but you may complete more if you wish.